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When you dream about the perfect tea co-packer, you wake up here. The Careway Tea company provides for tea and herbal recipe formulation, sourcing, blending, packaging, and more. Let Caraway take your cares away as your premium tea co-packer!



Verdant teas blended with herbs, blossoms, and rare botanticals for distinctive diverse attributes.



Your private label, from loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets, tea bags, portion iced tea and bulk packs.



Hand picked leaves and wonderfully varied botanicals, representing the top grade of their harvest.



Special blends of harmonized tea, herbs, and botanicals to amplify health, balance and well-being.



Functional complex blends to meet the daily restorative demands of today's self-care consumers.



Teas we source are not mass-grown, but nurtured sustainably on single family organic estates.



Our innovative tea makers can create a signature steep to provide genuinely unique offerings.



From travels afar.

We take great pride in offering only premium tea and botanicals imported directly from small growers. We use the best artisan gardens whose harvest yields diverse, subtle flavors that bear no similarity to most other offerings.

Our teas are grown, hand-picked, and processed with strict adherence to sustainable agricultural and production standards. These exceptional teas rank among the top 2% of global tea production. We take great care in sourcing exquisite botanicals, including unique and rarely cultivated varieties, ensuring they embody the highest quality. This meticulous approach allows these botanicals to showcase their authentic nature and essence, unveiling a captivating range of nuances.





Inimitable ingredients.

Our product development team, led by a meticulous Tier-1 Tea Master, is experienced and detail-oriented. The innovative blends crafted by our Master have received numerous specialty tea awards in the industry.

We carefully harvest and formulate teas, botanical blends, and herbal infusions, focusing on their delightful flavors, unique characteristics, and underlying attributes. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect match for your brand and style, whether it be through our existing blends or by creating a custom blend. Discover some of our exclusive in-house private label blends at our shop.



Orchestrated notes.

We are dedicated to creating exquisite and diverse tea blends that tantalize the senses. Our team brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to craft aromatic blends with multiple layers of flavor. We thoughtfully select healthful botanicals, dried fruits, leaves, and flowers to infuse our teas with innovation. With a focus on creating a superior taste experience, we aim to satisfy the thirst of your customers for a cup of tea that is not only delicious but also diverse in flavors.

Count on us to help you offer teas that will work perfectly for you. We know what a successful tea offering looks and tastes like. And we're here to help you make it happen.





Quality PLUS. Worries minus.

Maximize your tea program. Our reliability and variety is a powerful combination you can leverage to grow your business.

We offer several packaging formats including loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets, filter bags, iced tea options and bulk packs to suit the flexibility you require. All products shipped out of Caraway go through stringent GMP and HACCP business practices and handling.


Knowing The Market Matters

Especially crafted to support the daily health and general wellness of a new generation of tea drinkers.

Garden Direct

Entrancing selections from the gardens they are cultivated and grown.

Wellness Teas

Special blends to amplify health, balance, and well-being.


Functional complex blends for today's self-care consumers.


Garden Direct

Grow with Caraway


Wellness Teas

Special Blends for Harmonizing Health



Functional Teas for Modern Living


Private Label Tea Services

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Our Private Label Expertise!
Custom Blended Tea

Explore our premium wholesale tea selection, sourced from top tea gardens in the world. We're a trusted supplier offering a wide range of high-quality loose leaf teas. Whether you seek private label options or expertly crafted teas, we've got you covered. Elevate your customers' experience with our diverse, exceptional flavors.

Packaging Variety

Discover our diverse tea packaging solutions, meticulously crafted to maintain your blends' freshness. From practical stand-up pouches to sophisticated tea boxes, whether it's herbal tea or loose tea, our options encompass biodegradable pyramid tea bags and food service packaging, ideal for iced tea.

Wholesale Tea - Low Minimum Order

Explore our top-tier US-based wholesale herbal teas. As a premier supplier, we provide an array of premium loose-leaf teas for all palates. Whether you need private label teas or unique blends, we've got you. Elevate your offerings with our quality and variety.

A Top Herbal Tea Manufacturer

As a top US herbal tea manufacturer, we're dedicated to crafting exquisite blends that delight your senses and nourish your body. With a focus on quality, we source the finest ingredients and employ meticulous processes, including expert herbal tea packaging, for your ultimate enjoyment.

Supplement Certified

Our supplement-certified services offer peace of mind and top-quality herbal supplements. As a trusted supplement copacker, we adhere to strict industry standards for quality, safety, and efficacy, collaborating with dedication to bring your supplement vision to life.


We offer various certifications for product requirements and customer transparency, including organic, kosher, and non-GMO certifications. Our commitment to high-quality and ethical practices ensures compliance with industry standards. Custom certifications are also available to meet your specific needs.




Check out or blog on starting a new business and then contact us launch your dream tea brand.

Brewing Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Tea Business

Brewing Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Tea Business


Sip the Essence: Crafting Unforgettable Tea Experiences

Caraway Tea is your ideal partner to kickstart your new tea business venture. With our extensive expertise and passion for tea, we bring unparalleled knowledge and resources to help you succeed in the competitive tea industry.

Our experienced team will guide you in navigating the intricacies of the tea market, helping you create a standout brand that captivates consumers. Join us in embarking on a delightful tea journey and building a thriving tea business together.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is private label tea?

    Private label tea refers to tea products that are manufactured by a specialized tea company but marketed and sold under a different brand's name. This cost-effective arrangement allows brands to offer high-quality teas without the need for the infrastructure, expertise, and significant upfront costs required for blending and manufacturing. Private label tea providers handle the entire production process, from sourcing premium tea leaves and ingredients to blending, packaging, and quality assurance. It's a strategic partnership that enables brands to expand their product offerings, maintain quality standards, and focus on marketing and branding while minimizing production-related overheads.
  • How to start a tea bag business?

    Starting a tea bag business begins with selecting a niche. Identify your target market and unique selling points. Collaborate with a private label tea manufacturer to develop custom tea blends, leveraging their expertise. Create a business plan outlining your goals, budgets, and strategies. Establish an online presence with a user-friendly website, showcasing your tea offerings and brand story. Invest in marketing through social media, email campaigns, and partnerships to reach potential customers. Focus on quality, branding, and customer engagement to build a loyal following and grow your tea business effectively.
  • Is private label worth it?

    Yes, private label tea is often very much worth it. It allows businesses to offer high-quality, customized tea products without the substantial costs and expertise needed for in-house production. Private label tea offers cost-effective branding, diverse product options, and flexibility, enabling companies to quickly enter the market or expand their existing product lines. By collaborating with a reputable private label tea manufacturer, businesses can maintain quality, meet customer demands, and achieve a competitive edge, making it a valuable investment for those looking to enter or thrive in the tea industry.
  • Can you sell tea from home?

    Yes, you can sell tea from home, but it often involves legal and regulatory considerations. Running a tea business from home can be a cost-effective way to start, but it typically requires compliance with local health and safety regulations, business permits, and possibly inspections. It's crucial to research and adhere to your region's laws governing food preparation and sales. Additionally, for a more professional and scalable approach, many home-based tea sellers eventually partner with private label tea manufacturers who handle production, quality, and certifications, allowing them to focus on branding, marketing, and sales from the comfort of their home.


All Ships Rise

Caraway Tea Company has grow into one of the nation's leading specialty tea suppliers and contract manufactures. Combining a robust global sourcing network with the innovation of its in-house tea blending and manufacturing capability, Caraway Tea has become the trusted private label and co-packer choice.