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From travels afar.

We take great pride in offering only premium tea and botanicals imported directly from small growers and the best artisan gardens whose harvest yields diverse, subtle flavors that bear no similarity to most other offerings.

Adhering to sustainable agricultural and production standards our teas are cultivated, picked and hand processed, and represent the top 2% of all teas produced in the world. We carefully source exotic, often not commercially grown botanicals of only the best quality allowing for them to unveil the true nuance of their nature and essence.





Inimitable ingredients.

Our experienced product development team is led by a detailed orientated Tier -1 Tea Master whose innovative custom crafted blends are behind many of the industry’s specialty tea awards.

Harvested and formulated for their wonderful flavor, unique characteristics and underlying attributes, we craft teas, botanical blends and herbal infusions that offer up a delicious experience. Our knowledgeable group of professionals is here to help you match a current blend or create a custom blend to represent your brand and style. Experience some of our in house private label blends in our shop.



Orchestrated notes.

We offer unmatched spirit and insights to crafting delicious multilayered aromatic blends of healthful botanicals, dried fruits, leaves and flowers to bring innovation to your customers who are thirsty for a much better tasting and diverse cup of tea.

Count on us to help you offer teas that will work perfectly for you. We know what a successful tea offering looks and tastes like. And we’re here to help you make it happen.





Quality PLUS. Worries minus.

Maximize your tea program. Our reliability and variety is a powerful combination you can leverage to grow your business.

We offer several packaging formats including loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets, filter bags, iced tea options and bulk packs to suit the flexibility you require. All products shipped out of Caraway go through stringent GMP and HACCP business practices and handling. shop.


Knowing The Market Matters

Especially crafted to support the daily health and general wellness of a new generation of tea drinkers.


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