COVID-19 Response Plan


As a company in areas with confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, Caraway Tea has enacted some guide lines while there are chances for any of our employees to contract the virus. These are recommendations and guidelines that have been adapted from articles from the CDC, the WHO, and local and state government agencies:


Management Responsibility


  • COVID-19 news and updates will be monitored closely by Upper Management and changes to this document and plan will be made accordingly.
  • All major changes will be relayed to the company during meetings on the same day any changes are made.


Sanitation and Safety

  • Additional cleaning has been scheduled for all major shared areas in the Caraway Tea facility including:
    • Daily Restroom Cleanings
    • Daily Door Handle Cleanings
    • Daily Increased Food and Breakroom Area Cleanings
    • Daily Chair and Desk Cleanings
    • Additional Cleaning Agents have been added to the Caraway Tea cleaning regimen during high cases of COVID-19 including Zep Spirit 2 For Surfaces.
    • Employees have been asked to wash hands more frequently (before and after all break periods) to minimize the risk of potential viral contamination
    • Employees have been asked to stay home and self-quarantine in case of any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. If employees have house hold family members who have symptoms or a have confirmed COVID-19 Virus, they will be asked to stay at home.
    • An non-intrusive forehead Thermometer has been implemented to mandatorily check the temperatures of the employees before they begin work. Any employee with a temperature over 100.4 will be asked for leave for the day and will be monitored.
    • Employees have been trained on State Laws and guidelines on places to avoid in order to minimize contact with the COVID-19 virus. Employees have also been trained on adapted GMPs to avoid self-contamination and cross contamination.
    • Suppliers have been contacted to ensure they have followed rules and guidelines on how to avoid contaminating possible shipments to the Caraway Tea Facility.
    • All Drivers will have increased monitoring to ensure they do not have any signs or symptoms of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19.
    • All employees who can perform their jobs from home will have advanced opportunities to stay at home during high level of COVID-19 cases.
    • Any employee who shows symptoms while at work will be asked to leave the facility and will be able to contact any appropriate aid including loved ones or health care professionals.
    • Additional employees will be trained in multiple job functions to allow for additional layers of Business Continuity.
    • All Contact Info will be updated in order to ensure employees can be made aware of any changes to business and daily plans as necessary.


With these changes to our usual business plans, we feel that we have addressed all major issues that a business can face when dealing with a highly infectious virus such as COVID-19. All of the information in this Plan will be changed as necessary and all major state, national, and global guidelines will be followed.