Chamomile Lavender

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The classic calming combination of chamomile and lavender makes this a popular night time tea. Traditionally taken just before going to bed, it creates the calming serenity of a gentle rain cascading down your window.

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Written by J.Jordan on May 13th 2020

Chamomile and Lavender tea

I first tried this tea while staying at a Comfort Inn in West Virginia. There was a canister of tea bags next to their check in desk. I usually have trouble sleeping while traveling so I picked a few bags to try. I usually need to add milk and sugar to teas but not this. This delightful blend is like nothing I have ever had. The subtle hint of sweetness was an unexpected treat. Plus I slept solid through the night. I was so impressed with this tea that I had to track down Caraway Tea Company. My order came in a tightly sealed, heavy black Plastic bag. I enjoyed my first cup before bed just last night. It was just as good as I remembered and once again, I slept like a baby. Thank you for this delicious blend of tea.