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From our modest beginnings to today’s respected reputation as an established leader in the tea co-packing and manufacturing industry. We turned our passion for truly fine tea into being the most customer obsessed, premier private label tea manufacturing company.

We provide customers a different kind of experience with diversified co-packing services tailored to meet your needs.


We offer custom blending and packing of fine-grade teas, herbs and unique botanicals for discerning brands.


For more than 20 years Caraway has trekked through the misty green tea gardens and famed tea provinces around the globe.

From China and Sri Lanka to India and Japan, we continue to develop deep source connections and personal relationships, working directly with artisan tea growers and single-family estates who use only organic sustainable agricultural practices who share our passion to produce teas that yield diverse, subtle flavors that cannot be found in other tea offerings — you can taste the difference!

Because our staff includes some of the industry’s most experienced tea makers and quality assurance experts, working with us ensures superior quality, outstanding service, and extraordinary end to end solutions to meet your needs.

We’re glad you’re here.

- Michael & Gina Caraway

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Caraway Digs Trees

Caraway recognizes that the environment is a reflection of the choices we make and the actions we take.

We care about the health of the planet and have chosen to hold ourselves responsible. Because fine tea and botanicals are a gift of the land, we embrace a deep sense of purpose and obligation to gift back to the land.

As part of our multi-layered environmental stewardship and to help address climate change for a healthier greener world, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to support the global reforestation efforts of this non-profit organization. Our first hand experience of being one with the conditions needed for the agricultural art that our teas and botanicals are dependent on has led to our heightened connection.

We are committed to planetary well-being and environmental sustainability and resilience. We hope to be an example for other companies to follow. Learn more at


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All Ships Rise

Caraway Tea Company has grow into one of the nation's leading specialty tea suppliers and contract manufactures. Combining a robust global sourcing network with the innovation of its in-house tea blending and manufacturing capability, Caraway Tea has become the trusted private label and co-packer choice.